Rules sections

Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on Natural Born Killers. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.


    1. As a society for players over the age of 18, we should be able to expect maturity and respect for others, sadly this is not always the case and we therefore have rules and guidance which all members are expected to agree to and adhere to. Please read carefully.
      The following rules apply to all of the societies in the NBK Group. To our interactions with society members, with others in game and our use of this and other EU related forums, chat channels and voice comms.
      They are not intended to inhibit fun, teasing or normal human interactions, but are here to remind us all of the need to remember we are all representatives of the NBK and therefore all responsible for maintaining the good name of our societies

      Breach of the rules may lead to dismissal from the NBK
      1. Never Steal, Cheat, Beg, Scam or Lie, within soc or elsewhere in EU (see guidance note below re PVP)
      2. Avoid behaviours that could bring soc into disrepute – including but not restricted to:
      - Criticism of soc or soc members in public
      - Spreading of malicious rumours
      - Publishing or sharing internal soc related information in forums, public or private chats unless you have permission from NBK Council.
      3. Show respect to your soc leaders, even if you may disagree with them, converse rather than argue.
      They have a lot of experience in game and have put in a lot of work for the benefit of the NBK. They have earned the right to that courtesy
      4. With the exception of Otium, ALL NBK Societies are required to update monthly on your forum profile (don’t forget to amend the date “Day, Month, Year” ) no ifs and buts or maybes -. This is not an arbitrary rule it is a very necessary one for your soc officers to be able to administrate the soc properly and in a way that does not take up all of their time. The time burden to you as individuals is small, so there's really no excuse not to do it.
      5. It is not a kindergarten and we don’t want silly tale telling, but all breaches of these rules or blatant misconduct is reported to an officer immediately. It is then for them to deal with as they see fit, and according to any extenuating circumstances, once they hear the whole story. #

    1. This is meant as a reminder to respect each other; failure to follow these guidelines may in extreme cases lead to warnings and even dismissal.
      1. We all experience things in game and in life which make us frustrated, angry or sad. We sometimes need to vent, we need the support of our friends and socmates. But keep it proportionate.
      2. In the event of a dispute with another soc member (or possibly non-member) that you are unable to resolve amicably, we suggest you take it to your soc leader for arbitration and guidance. Sometimes a third person can see things more clearly and resolve issues that seem impossible.
      3. No room here for constant whining, we don’t need Moaning Minnies and Drama Queens dragging us all into a pit of doom and gloom.
      4. Try to make people smile

      Regarding lootable PVP, it is accepted that Planetary PVP is allowed, since to enter lootable PVP a player has to take toxic shots and accept the risks inherent in going to PVP4 , in return for a chance of higher gains. Looting other members of the NBK is never acceptable unless by prior agreement.
      Piracy in space is not acceptable as the poor design by MA means we have a choice between entering PVP or missing out on 75% of the game. Pirates abuse this to sit at Space stations to target the weak. This is not PVP game play but a combination of bullying and theft. We do however allow and encourage pirate hunters in an attempt to redress the balance, please speak to soc leaders for guidance before venturing down that tricky path.