• Welcome Message
Like in the real world, in the Entropia Universe your success or failure often depends on the people you meet and the things that you learn from them.
In our group, we have Hunters, Miners, Crafters, PvPers, Sweaters, Traders, Shop Owners, Pilots, Investors, Stylists, Event Promoters, EU related website owners, Brokers, etc. If you want to know about anything, you can find the answer in the NBK.

Imagine an environment where you could advance as your ability permits without abandoning your friends in your current society. Imagine an environment that embraces change and wants to see YOU personally be as successful as you want to be in whatever area of focus is the most appealing to you. That is the NBK.

Each NBK society serves multiple functions and each has a purpose in the NBK Group.

The NBK Army, Rangers, and Natural Born Killers are combat centric but have crafters and miners of all skill levels scattered throughout their ranks. These societies function as a "ladder" which people enter based upon their avatar's total skills. Here they advance in rank as their skills increase and eventually they graduate to the next NBK Society.

NBK Otium is a society for NBK members currently on a break or who haven't got a lot of time to play presently.

Like the EU, the NBK Group is what you make of it. Here you can make new friends of all kinds from all areas of the world, you can perfect your game play as it is now, or you can explore new ventures with people who are already successfully doing that thing. You can move up, down, or laterally in the group as you see fit. The NBK is one of those very rare and very special groups where if you get involved with the society enough, you really can find new meaning to the Entropia Universe.

We want you to join us and please feel free to bring your friends and family with you. We want you to build a social and economic ecosystem around yourself in the NBK and then we want to take you to the top with us.